New Leaf Storage Facility

New Leaf Storage Facility

Did you ever wonder about the incredible appetites of koalas? 🐨 They can eat up to a whopping 500g of eucalyptus leaves in a single day! Our dedicated leafing team is in action four days a week, ensuring a diverse and fresh supply of leaf for the koalas in our care.

But keeping those leaves crisp and ready on the other days is a whole different challenge! Thanks to the generous support from the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and the Wildlife Heroes Project, we’ve been able to construct an amazing new leaf storage facility at Port Stephens Koala Hospital.

This fantastic space is a welcome addition by our resident koalas, who can be quite picky eaters. With this grant, our dedicated volunteers can now provide the freshest eucalyptus leaf to our koalas in need. 🌿

Our leaf storage shed is equipped with a water system and plumbing, making the task of cleaning the leaf pots easier for our team. And it’s not just the koalas who benefit! This facility benefits all our hardworking staff and volunteers at the hospital.

We are incredibly grateful for the funding we received, which has enabled us to make a positive impact on the well-being of the koalas in our care.

Georgie Cairns
Wildlife Group
Port Stephens Koala Hospital