KANE Korner – Wedge Tail Eagle

KANE Korner – Wedge Tail Eagle

Wedge tailed eagles are amazing patients to treat, and Desanka and I have been honoured to care for nearly a dozen of them.

We have successfully released 5, which is immensely satisfying, and we always imagine them off somewhere with families of their own, raising new eagles.

Sadly though, many who reach us are injured beyond repair, so they must be euthanased.

This magnificent eagle was bought to me by a kind and caring lady who found her on the road after she had been hit by a truck out at Ord Stage 2.

She is one of the darkest, largest and heaviest eagles I have met, weighing 6.5 kgs. Female birds are always bigger in the bird of prey world, so I am fairly sure she was a lady. I was totally devastated to discover she had a broken back, a badly smashed wing, and internal bleeding.

As I gently sent her to Heaven, I took comfort from knowing she was not dying slowly on the side of the road.

Please, slow down when you see these beauties feeding on the highway and spare their precious lives. Eagles are slow to take off, and are easily struck by vehicles.

Diane Robinson
Wildlife Group
Kimberley, Animals, Nature and Education