Getting Results

Getting Results

I work with so many different types of animals both wild and domesticated, and attended the Q Fever Webinar out over curiosity. I learnt so many interesting facts about the Flu-like illness I became very involved in becoming vaccinated.

I received my Pre-Vaccination blood test and was in complete awe when I was called by my doctor after a few days for the results. My doctor explained that my results had tested positive for Q Fever. I had no idea that I was exposed to the illness or when. Because of my exposure I could not be vaccinated, I already had immunity (and can become seriously ill if I was to be vaccinated now)

I’m one of the lucky ones who can still get on with all my day to day activities and looking after wildlife. I have heard stories of other careers who aren’t so lucky.

Thank you to Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife for all that they do.

Nina Morris
Wildlife Group
Wildlife in Need of Care (WINC)