A frog story

A frog story

I am a green tree frog, Litoria Caerulea. My wildlife story begins with me travelling from the sunny state of Queensland where the weather is warm wet just the way I like it. To Canberra where the weather is either hot and dry or cold and dry.

My mistake was, I thought I’d hitch a ride with a carnival truck going South. Little did I know how far south. When we arrived at our destination, I was dry and hungry, so I decided to check out the new world I had found myself in. Sideshow alley at the Canberra show. Lucky for me I was picked up by someone who spotted me hopping down the road.

I was delivered to ACT Wildlife carer who admired me for my beautiful bright green colour and size. She rehydrated me and fed me, I felt much better. I thought they would put me on the next truck back to my warm and wet homeland. But it was not to be.

I was not returned to Queensland, as the possibility of me having a disease and spreading it to other frogs was too much of a risk to my wild friends.  I was taken into permanent care living in a specially set up tank for me and a few other green tree frogs who had also been adventuring around Australia via fruit boxes and plants. We spend our days sleeping and our night times waiting for crickets to come our way.

Dorothy Brown
Wildlife Group
ACT Wildlife