Wendy the Wombat – WIRES Central Coast Branch

Wendy the Wombat – WIRES Central Coast Branch

Wendy the wombat came into care on the 4th of February 2020, weighing in at 2.4kg, from the Kulnura fires.

Wendy was taken to Somersby Animal Hospital where she underwent a full examination. Wendy presented with a large burn on her back, weeping sores, and many ticks. She was hydrated but very underweight and extremely reactive and frightened.

Poor little Wendy had been with the vet for a long time when Maree and I were finally called in to see her. The vet had taken off all the dried burnt skin, which left light pink skin underneath with hair growing through. We were advised that she had been without her mum for at least two weeks and had also been attacked by a fox. She was given a treatment for mange, antibiotics and also cream for the fox bite.

I took her home and kept her in a quiet place and the next morning thought that I would try and feed her. It was evident that Wendy had been fending for herself for quite a while. She grabbed my finger with her teeth and would not let go. Over the next couple of days I endured many bites from this terrified little wombat.

After a couple of days of 24 hour care little Wendy started to settle and trust me.

Wendy is now in the care of Sue Booth, one of our amazing wombat carers, and she has been buddied up with a little male wombat named Wilbur. It took them about a week to become buddies and now they won’t be without each other.

Sue tells me that Wendy, now weighing 9kg, is such an affectionate wombat that loves to snuggle in after her bottle. Wendy has been such a success story for the Central Coast WIRES branch, involving three of our carers and one dedicated vet.

Leanne Hall, CC WIRES wombat coordinator.


Image, Sue Booth and Wendy


Steven Hall
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