Urgent call for veterinary help – unconcious wombat

Urgent call for veterinary help – unconcious wombat

An adult wombat in urgent need of veterinary attention was referred from the Animal Referral Hospital/Emergency Centre in the ACT to Dr Howard Ralph at the Southern Cross Wildlife Hospital.

The wombat was unresponsive and comatose with some seizure activity. She was in urgent need of specialised veterinary assessment and treatment.

She was immediately admitted to hospital and given oxygen, ventilation and intravenous fluids. She was dying but fortunately we were able to resuscitate her. Her heart rate was very slow and she required cardiac medications to improve her cardiac output.

She required around the clock support and treatment from our team, under the direction of our veterinary surgeon, Dr Ralph, to keep her alive until her level of consciousness improved.

We undertook a series of detailed investigations including radiology and several blood tests, whilst constantly monitoring her vital signs, to determine the cause of unconsciousness and severe metabolic and cardio respiratory depression

She received treatment and intensive care for several days in our new intensive care area by our volunteer hospital staff  led by our hospital manager, Glenda Ralph.

We are very pleased that she gradually recovered and was eventually discharged back to her carer for subsequent rehabilitation and release back to the wild at the appropriate time.

Tania Duratovic
Wildlife Group
Southern Cross Wildlife Hospital