Sunraysia WIldlife Carers Group are now Fire Ready

Sunraysia WIldlife Carers Group are now Fire Ready

Our fantastic Fire Trailer has arrived thanks to the generosity of The NSW Heroes Large Asset Grants available back in September 2020.Fire trailer 2.jpg

The Sunraysia Wildlife Carers group were very fortunate to be the recipient of $28,414.00 to purchase a Fire Trailer by The NSW Wildlife Heroes Large Asset Grants.

The fire trailer is to be housed at our release site, and is a very valuable asset considering the nearest RFS is 70km away. The Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Group were keen to be fire ready, in the light of the devastation to both habitat and wildlife populations/numbers that the 2019/2020 fires caused.

Our wildlife refuge is currently working with the Murray Darling Wetland working group and Commonwealth Environmental Water delivering water back into the creeks and wetlands that would have traditionally been wet and had flows.

A result of this, Southern Bell Frogs have been found, and the Murray Hardyheads are being reintroduced. NSW Conservation Status – Endangered.

fire trailer 3.jpgFeral trapping occurs for the removal of cats, foxes and pigs. Purpose built pig traps and cat & fox cages, by a SWCG member, as well as a professional pig whisperer/hunter visits.

A fire management plan, and specialised equipment (fire trailer), was the next stage, and is now seen to be a necessity – to be fire ready and proactive, not reactive – helping protect all species and reduce biodiversity loss.

The fire trailer was purchased to be a multifaceted asset, and be used to transport water to various watering points for the current soft release site, and also a future site, located in another area of the property as not to overpopulate the current area. Reducing grazing pressure on natural flora – future management planning.

Without the generosity and for cite of the NSW Wildlife Heroes then this multi-pronged approach towards wildlife management, particularly in such a remote area, would not be possible.

Lisa Crowhurst
Wildlife Group
Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Group