Pearl the Ring-tail Possum

Pearl the Ring-tail Possum

Pearl the Ring-tail Possum was bought into Southern Highlands Vet Centre by one of our dedicated and local WIRES members after some members of the public found her on the ground in their backyard. Poor Pearl was being harassed by some local Ravens and seemed unable to move or escape back up her tree.

Pearl was anaesthetised by our wildlife team for some diagnostic radiographs to see if there was anything causing her inability to move her hind legs. Luckily for Pearl, there were no breaks or fractures seen on imaging which had our team performing some physio to ensure she still has her full range of motion. Ring-tail Possums are amazing aerialists when moving through the trees, so ensuring Pearl is in full health is important for her release back into the wild.

Pearl, while in good health and condition, did appear to has some soft tissue swelling and soreness that may have resulted from a fall from her tree. It was decided to keep her overnight in our wildlife humidicrib to observe her movement and offer her some pain relief. Pearl was looking much brighter after 24 hours in care and was eating banana and pear very enthusiastically.

Our wildlife team decided that for the best outcome, Pearl would return to the care of WIRES for a few more days of pain relief and observation, before she was returned to her backyard tree.

Our team were delighted to hear that after a few days in care, Pearl made a full recovery and was released back into her tree!!

Charles Carter
Wildlife Group
Southern Highlands Vet Centre