Meet Linda, a Red Kangaroo joey

Meet Linda, a Red Kangaroo joey

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Linda’s mum was spooked when a school bus came around a corner and startled her, causing her to throw her joey and bound off. Fortunately the bus driver  (who’s name is Linda – hence the joey’s name) saw this happen and had our sanctuary number and called us. I drove a slow kerb-crawl in the rough vicinity and eventually found her lying at the bottom of a gravel embankment. She was only an 800g pinkie and would have had no hope of getting back into her mum’s pouch, even if she had come back for her. She would doubtless have perished from cold or predation by crows, foxes or eagles.

She sustained a split nose, gravel rash everywhere, a swollen right eye and a fractured right humerus and was already quite cold. She needed to be warmed up, daily bathing of the gravel rash areas, splinting and bandaging of her fracture and pain relief. Fortunately Linda’s injuries have healed completely and she is now a feisty, adventurous 4kg joey and gets up to all sorts of mischief with her buddy George.

Linda and George will move to our soft release enclosures when they are approximately 20kg and then on to full release back to the wild where they belong.

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Laura Black
Wildlife Group
Parnana Pikurtu Wildlife Sanctuary