Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network Emergency Response

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network Emergency Response

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network(KIWN) has been operating for five years. Our core focus has been keeping Wildlife in the wild and providing education and mentoring to carers for when animals need to come into care.

We have been training for emergency response with an organisation that was located on the mainland for the last four years. Although their training was excellent, their location off of Kangaroo Island meant that during a major disaster, such as the 2019-2020 bushfire event, we could not activate our emergency response until the lead organisation could get to Kangaroo Island. It became clear early on in this fire event that we needed a locally based first response team.

The Wildlife Heros Grant meant that we could offer our local volunteers fuel vouchers to get them out to the burned areas for wildlife rescue during the fire event.

With help from generous donors KIWN has been able to purchase a first response vehicle and our volunteers are undergoing training with a local fire awareness team.

The Wildlife Heros Grant has also been used to purchase personal protective equipment for our response vehicle as well as more fuel vouchers so that when the next emergency occurs we can hit the ground running safely and effectively! This will make such a difference to the wildlife in need, as we can now respond much quicker and lessen the suffering of many animals that depend on us.









Katie Welz
Wildlife Group
Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network