Hot summers nights…. and days

Hot summers nights…. and days

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Summer is always unpredictable and in the case of the summer just gone, it proved no different. During this summer Wildlife in Need of Care saw a major influx of bat pups and adults coming into our care due to heat stress related issues. Upon seeing the influx Wildlife in Need of Care also reached out to other organisations to make sure they were ok, offering assistance to anyone who needed it.

Bats were not the only animals that were affected, with the heat came a drought which had carried on from the last summer and with that can a lack of food. Animals were dying of starvation and increase in macropods looking for food on the side of the road lead to orphaned joeys coming in due to motor vehicle accidents.

Wildlife in Need of Care increased their presents at the local bat colonies ensure that they were cooled down where appropriate, pups who mothers had passed away due to the heat and stress, collected and placed into care. An increase in motor vehicle related rescues saw our macropods rescuers on the roads more often and an increase at night.

This grant has enabled WINC to increase our presents again in the area, involving more and more members in learn about our unique wildlife and most importantly assisted WINC with returning animals home.

Nicole Sauer
Wildlife Group
Wildlife in Need of Care