Echidna,reptile and raptor pre-release enclosure.

Echidna,reptile and raptor pre-release enclosure.

In November 2020 Minton Farm was awarded a Wildlife Heroes Large Durable Assets Grant from from the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. 

Thousands of reptiles, echidnas and wombats have been rehabilitated at Minton Farm over the years and is  the only Centre of its kind in South Australia.

Minton Farm facilities  have been in high demand for injured and displaced animals during emergency situations, Minton Farm applied for the Wildlife Heroes Grant to build a new echidna, reptile, and raptor pre release enclosure with the aim to  expand capacity and capabilities and to support increasing demand to benefit the Community.

Work has begun to demolish the old enclosures in preparation to build new hygienic, vermin-proof enclosures. Builders and concreters are on standby to move in and get started.

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