Drought and Devastation in the Mallee

Drought and Devastation in the Mallee

The Macropods of the Sunraysia area are eternally grateful for the Wildlife Heroes Emergency Grant. It was used to purchase substitute feed and fuel vouchers for the distribution of feed.

Wingillie drought 2.jpeg

The release site, usually covered in healthy ground cover, of tasty saltbush morsels and native grasses was left barren and bare after the drought that seemed to last forever.

The Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Group straddles the border of Victoria and NSW – our geographical area in Victoria alone is 22,000km2 – now double it, as it is the equivalent area in NSW.

We are a very small group of 10 individuals, some of which are too young to drive.dust storm rolling in 2.jpg

The release site is a 150km round trip. Which was done twice a week (after work) to substitute feed, not only the soft released Macropods, but also the wild Macropods on site.

These trips were carried out for 6 months, over the harsh summer, to help reduce the suffering these animals endured.

A financial injection such as this has such an amazing impact, not only for the animals it feeds, but also the carers who care. Such a positive and powerful effect, in very difficult times, both financially and mental wellbeing…..thank you.

Lisa Crowhurst
Wildlife Group
Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Group