Crispy’s Story

Crispy’s Story

Crispy was found two days after the fires went through Nerriga, NSW. He was spotted curled up on top of a tyre under the wheel arch. He was rescued and brought into care late at night. He had burns extending from his ears and face, across his abdomen all the way down to his testicles. He was also underweight and very dehydrated.

Fortunately, a veterinarian was doing the rounds the following day. After examining Crispy she felt that he needed intensive medical management. The veterinarian kindly offered to take him back to her clinic in Canberra.

Crispy was cared for at the veterinary clinic for five weeks and underwent extensive surgeries and multiple dressing changes.

Finally, after being in their exceptional care, he was returned to his original carer where he was put into a pre-release aviary. He made wonderful progress. After a few weeks Crispy was released at the carer’s property to live out his life and repopulate the devastated bushland.

Miriam Hazel
Wildlife Group
Native Animal Rescue Group (NARG)