Kevin the puggle (or young echidna) was found bobbing in flood waters near Broken Hill, NSW struggling to keep his beak above water so he could breathe. The National Parks Ranger who found Kevin, handed him over to “Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals” (RRANA) the local wildlife rehabilitation group who spent the next 24 hours keeping Kevin warm and coaxing him to feed.

Kevin was too young to be on his own. It is likely that flood waters separated Kevin from his mum and without her, or the miraculous rescue, Kevin would have perished.

As puggles need specialist care, the RRANA team organized to put Kevin on a flight to Taronga Wildlife Hospital Dubbo where he has been devotedly cared for. But Kevin’s travels are not over.

The 54g puggle is now a healthy sub adult and will be released back to the wild this spring. The best wildlife rehabilitation stories end with a release, and it is in Kevin’s best interests to be returned to the area from which he came. After getting a final health check and microchip, Kevin will travel back to western NSW and once again be in with RRANA until release. He will live in a specially built enclosure where he will be taken care of until he is familiar with his surroundings and ready to be out on his own. Then the gates will be opened, and Kevin will be home again.

The RRANA team are very grateful to Taronga Dubbo for Kevin’s rehabilitation – especially Jodie Larder-Smith his primary carer. RRANA is currently fundraising to cover the costs of Kevin’s travel and building materials required for his pre-release enclosure. Once Kevin leaves the enclosure it will be used as an aviary to rehabilitate birds.

Lindy Hunt
Wildlife Group