Beechworth – New Fencing for our Wildlife Recues.

Beechworth – New Fencing for our Wildlife Recues.

In 2020 the devastating bushfires hit areas all around Beechworth, but we were lucky enough to not be immediately affected, however many surrounding wildlife shelters were, so Beechworth wildlife was called on to help take animals from those shelters.

Our property isn’t extremely large and we only had sufficient fencing for the animals we already had. Of course we had to take these animals and just make do.

This was an incredibly stressful time made worse by feeling our property was inadequate to house more animals than we were used to. This showed us the need for a large external fence to our property.

With the incredibly generous donation from The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, we were able to design, build and finally complete this enormous task!

In future emergencies we can now step up with confidence and safely house any wildlife that needs temporary housing in an area suitable to anything from baby joey’s to adult roos.

The project ran relatively smoothly with trades and suppliers, we struggled sometimes with the weather and everyone was knee deep in mud, but the outcome is amazing!

Our appreciation to FNPW is immense and we thank anyone that has made a donation and want them to know how very useful the funds they have given are.

Thank you

Beechworth Fence.jpg

Sue Hiatt
Wildlife Group
Beechworth Reptile Rescue