Back on the Good Stuff!

Back on the Good Stuff!

The incredible dedication of wildlife carers has never been as evident as during and after the recent devastating bushfires. In the course of providing support during the first three months of 2020, Help for Wildlife volunteers met many incredible people who were affected by the bushfires. Wildlife carers and members of the public alike were distressed by the plight of their local wildlife.

With the assistance of the grant from Wildlife Heroes Emergency Fund, Help for Wildlife provided some much needed medical supplies, wildlife food, fuel vouchers, money and equipment to help many Victorian wildlife carers with rescue and recovery work after the bushfires.

One trip took Help for Wildlife volunteers to Corryong. Bellaboo, the only wildlife shelter in a 100km radius, had already been bearing the brunt of wildlife care and then, due to the impact of the fires, experienced a massive increase in workload and costs.

Bellaboo carers, not just busy with caring for injured wildlife, were going out daily doing food drops, setting up drinking posts and searching for fire affected wildlife. Most of the local habitat had been burnt so, without the food and water drops, animals would have starved.

Neville, from Bellaboo Wildlife Shelter, fed and monitored this wombat in its burnt out territory for many weeks. Without this supplemental feeding this wombat and many other animals would have starved. When some grass grew back though, this wombat happily went back to eating the native food. His face shows his delight about now being “back on the good stuff” – a great result! 🙂

Sue Kirwan
Wildlife Group
Help for Wildlife