An Unlikely Rescue

An Unlikely Rescue

fire peli copy.jpg

This young male pelican was brought int the St Albans Volunteer Bushfire Brigade on the 4th of January 2020. An unusual rescue from the Gospers Mountain fires.

He was found in a mud filled dam about 20km inside the fire grounds, unable to fly and exhausted. He was most likely caught up in the smoke and ash and took refuge in an evaporating dam, Members from the RFS found him whilst performing a routine check of the area and sent out a message for assistance. Wildlife  ARC were quick to respond.

Weighing only 5kg and very lethargic but quickly improved with clean water and plenty of fish. He was released, along with a female, 3 weeks later on the Hawkesbury River at Spencer where he was monitored and support-fed for the next few months.

Cathie Stubbs
Wildlife Group
Wildlife Animal Rescue and Care Society Inc