A Wombat Enclosure

A Wombat Enclosure

The extra wombat enclosure will help alleviate the bottlenecks that we encounter when juvenile wombats are transitioning from their carer to independent living in an enclosure.

On average, NARG has about 100 wombats in care each year. These wombats range from pinkie infants to adults. Our experience has shown that wombats released before they weigh 25 kg are more likely to fall victim to attack from other wombats and subsequently come back into care. Consequently, we do not release wombats until they weigh 25 kg or more. This means that many wombats remain in care for up to two years. This creates bottlenecks that additional enclosures help alleviate.

The new wombat enclosure is large (25 meters x 50 meters) and can easily be divided into two enclosures when necessary. It can be further subdivided to act as a short-term emergency accommodation facility during times of crisis, such as natural disasters.

During the Black Summer bushfires several of our carers lost their homes and some were badly burnt while trying to rescue native animals in their care. By having enclosures that can be turned into evacuation facilities where animals in care can be placed in short term emergency care our carers will be less likely to put themselves in harms way in order to protect the animals in their care.

Thank you to the Foundation and Wildlife Heroes for the Grant.

Miriam Hazel
Wildlife Group
Native Animal Rescue Group