A tale of two joeys

A tale of two joeys

Wildlife Heroes Project Manager, Stacey Mole, recently visited with the volunteer management team from “For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid” (FAWNA). Although Wildlife Heroes is in constant communication with wildlife groups of NSW, the value of in-person meetings cannot be underrated.

Topical issues, challenges, heartbreaks and wins were discussed over a cuppa giving Stacey the kind of first-hand information needed to continue to shape the Wildlife Heroes Project to best suite the needs of wildlife carers. Stacey was then able to meet a couple of joeys in care.

FAWNA (3).jpg

From left: Jane and Susanne holding Mirto, Meredith (FAWNA President), Beverley and Wendy holding Karmel.


The joey’s stories from Jane and Susanne who are caring for them:

“Mirto, a six-month-old Eastern Grey Kangaroo, came into care when his mother was hit and killed by a motorbike rider who was travelling along a country road after dusk. Mirto was catapulted from the pouch, rolled and skidded along the side of the road. He sustained lots of grazes, a wound to his right heel, lost a nail on his right foot, a broken tooth, a fat lip and a split at the side of his nose. When we picked him up from the scene he was noticeably in shock. On returning home we proceeded to check, clean and treat his wounds and made him comfortable for the night. The following morning, we took Mirto to the Vet in order to obtain pain medication and Antibiotics to ward off any infection. His dressings required daily changing with wound cleaning and applying healing cream. It took little Mirto three days to settle in and to get over his shock. He has now been with us for two weeks and his wounds are healing very well. Mirto is now getting out of pouch and hopping around the run. He is also eating and drinking well and gaining weight. We are very pleased with his progress and we are confident that Mirto will grow into a lovely young kangaroo.

We don’t know what happened to Karamel, the Red-necked Wallaby or to her mother. Karamel was found on her own at the side of a house, curled up next to the garbage bins.

She had no injuries and according to the measurements we ascertained that she was 7 months old when she came into care. Karamel is thriving and getting closer to transfer to her release site. Karamel is a very calm and contented Wallaby. Looking after her over the last three months has been a real pleasure.”

Keep up the great work FAWNA!

Stacey Mole
Wildlife Group