A Heavenly Rescue

A Heavenly Rescue

Little Heaven was found on a wild and blustery day during the floods in the Upper Hunter Valley. She was snuggled in amongst the horse’s blankets to keep warm and found by a caring worker at the local native plant nursery. He very carefully wrapped and placed the little microbat in a box (not touching the microbat as he was not vaccinated) and phoned Wildlife Aids 24hr Hotline.

Donna and Grant, newly trained volunteers, drove out and picked Heaven up. They were very excited as this was their first microbat to care for after they were lucky enough to receive bat vaccines (for Lyssavirus) funded by Wildlife Heroes.

Heaven was in good health and after being placed in her secure microbat enclosure and warmed she greedily ate up her first meal of mealworms.

After a few days in care and during a break in the rains Heaven was ready to return home.

Donna and Grant safely bypassed the flooded roads in the area to get little Heaven close enough to her home to be released.

Donna warmed Heaven and held her up high, with a flutter of her wings and scarcely a backward glance, Heaven flew, well, heavenward back to her home.

Joanne Kelly
Wildlife Group
Wildlife Aid Inc