A happy outcome from the Black Summer Fires…

A happy outcome from the Black Summer Fires…

There were many stories that came out of the 2019/2020 Black Summer fires on the Mid-North Coast. I was lucky enough to be a part of a story with a happy ending.

We received a mum ringtail with triplet babies clinging to her back straight out of the evacuation zone. She ran straight up to a policeman on the side of the road directing evacuees. He picked her up and passed her through the window into the first car that passed him just to get her out of the direct path of the fire. He directed the member of the public to contact F.A.W.N.A. as soon as they could.

By the time she reached us she was so stiff and sore she couldn’t move due to the amount of lactic acid build-up – she had run so hard and so fast to escape the fire with such a heavy load on her back and managed to save all three of her babies. Mum recovered and all four of them were successfully released.

It is such a rewarding experience working with our native wildlife.

A huge thanks to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife  and the Wildlife Heroes grant that funded the vaccination of myself and the other F.A.W.N.A. carers, it gives us the confidence to know we are protected against Q-Fever as we continue to work with and care for our native wildlife.

Morgan Dahl, FA.W.N.A. (NSW) Inc., Mid North Coast, NSW


Meredith Anne Ryan
Wildlife Group