WA’s first designated wildlife rescue service

WA’s first designated wildlife rescue service

Western Australia has few dedicated wildlife rescue services. In the majority of cases, members of the public who find sick or injured wildlife are tasked with rescuing and transporting the animals to a wildlife rehabilitation centre or veterinary hospital themselves.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where the member of the public is unable to assist the animal. This may be due to the size of the animal (i.e. emu, kangaroo, seabird), the type of animal (venomous snake), their transport situation (they may not have a car or are using public transport) or physical/psychological restrictions (the person has a disability or is scared of handling the animal). The result for the animal is usually a slow and painful death.

Native ARC Inc. is Western Australia’s only wildlife veterinary hospital licensed with the Veterinary Surgeons’ Board of WA and the busiest wildlife rehabilitation facility licensed with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. We provide Western Australia’s only 24-hour phone service.

In 2019, Native ARC rescued 443 animals from a variety of locations within the Perth metropolitan and the outer-metropolitan area. These rescues were undertaken by a small team of volunteers.

Native ARC is currently building a state-of-the-art wildlife hospital and rehabilitation facility which will be the first of its kind in Australia. The site will be open to the public for educational purposes with more than 10,000 visitors expected in the first 12 months.

Thanks to funding from the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, Native ARC will be able to purchase and fit out a rescue vehicle to provide a much needed resource in the Perth and WA community. Additionally, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International is now funding salaries for rescue service which will mean the service is on the road every day of the year!

Dean Huxley
Wildlife Group
Native ARC Inc