Veterinary Webinars

As part of the Wildlife Friendly Vet campaign, and through the support of the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Initiative of the Australian Government, we are able to provide the following webinars created by Exotic Veterinary Nurse Training. Both webinars can be watched to earn 1 CPD point each for veterinary nurses in Australia.

Please note: when accessing the webinars below you will need to make a Thinkific account. This is free, and will ensure that you can download your completion certificate and CPD points at the end.

Basic Triage and Husbandry of Australian Wildlife in Vet Clinics – 1 CPD

This webinar provides general practice vet nurses and vets with a general overview of the acceptance, admission, husbandry and assessment process for native wildlife in the veterinary clinic.

Koalas and the Bushfire Response – 1 CPD

This webinar provides an overview of the wildlife response during the catastrophic bushfires on Kangaroo Island in 2020. The webinar is presented by Di Hakof of Zoos South Australia, and details the process of accepting and treating injured or displaced Koalas over the course of 10 weeks on the island. It is estimated that at one stage a Koala was being admitted to the triage centre for treatment once every 45 minutes, for many weeks.

In addition to the webinars above, anyone registered through the Wildlife Friendly Vet campaign can access the following webinars for 20% off for the next 12 months through Exotic Veterinary Nurse Training. More information will be provided to registered clinics.

  • Freshwater Turtle Shell Repair and Wound Management (1 CPD)
  • Hand rearing – Preparing for the Wild (1 CPD)
  • Koala Care in the General Practice Setting (1 CPD)
  • Australian Possum Care in the General Practice Setting (1 CPD)
  • Australian Freshwater Turtle Anaesthesia (1 CPD)


More opportunities to come…