The Boy in the Humidicrib

The Boy in the Humidicrib

When purchasing the humidicribs, it was originally thought to be used for microbats and flying foxes, with the expectation of an extreme event coming from the recent flood effected areas. Thankfully, these humidicribs can be used for other species of animals. 

We received the humidicrib and quickly got to work setting them up to ensure they worked and were ready when needed. Shortly after the set up was complete a call came in from a member of public; whom were on their morning walk and found a baby possum on the ground with no mum in sight.
The little one was immediately brought into care and assessed.

Without being able to find mum we were not sure what had happened. Why he was alone or how long he was on the ground for, it was perfect timing for this little guy. He was cold and weighing in at 176 grams the humidicrib was exactly what he needed.
The humidicrib gave him a controlled environment to get his temperature back up to the normal range that he needed.

He is now growing strong, with a little attitude and sassy, and will be released back into the wild when he is big enough. 


Nina Morris
Wildlife Group
Wildlife in Need of Care