See me, avoid me

See me, avoid me

Injured, sick or orphaned native animals in need of assistance are often in pain and always scared and defensive. The dangers to our well trained volunteer rescuers from distressed wild animals are significant enough even before we into account the additional dangers posed by motor vehicles and other environmental hazards.

The use of PPE items is an important part of reducing the risks to our rescuers.

The financial resources of charitable volunteer wildlife rescue organizations are always under pressure, so the provision of the PPE Grant Funds from the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) has been a wonderful help.

With the funding from FNPW NARG has been able to provide our volunteers with whistles, leather gloves, hi-vis clothing, wildlife friendly headlamps, flashing warning lights for vehicles and first aid and snake bite kits. NARG is very grateful for the PPE Grant from FNPW.

Miriam Hazel
Wildlife Group
Native Animal Rescue Group