Saxon’s Story

Saxon’s Story

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On January 23rd 2020 a very lucky Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey was found wandering alone by an RFS Volunteer in the Wombeyan Caves area of NSW.  The little joey had lost his mother in the tragic and devastating Green Wattle Creek Fire.

Saxon, as he came to be known, was taken into care by Jiselle Mortensen, Macropod Coordinator for WIRES Wingecarribee Branch.  He was just 3 kilograms, and 275 days old, and found to be suffering severe burns to both feet.

Throughout his time in care, Jiselle carried out dressing changes every second day, and vet visits once a fortnight for almost four months.

On May 15th Saxon’s bandages were removed, leaving his feet wholly uncovered for the first time since being injured. His brand new skin was still very soft and required time to regain the toughness needed to carry him through life.

For a period of four weeks, Saxon practised moving around on soft surfaces. Finally, it was clear the healing process was complete, and Saxon was off and hopping with his kangaroo buddies and well on his way to release back into the wild.

Penny Walsh
Wildlife Group
WIRES Wingecarribee Branch