ORRCA Emergency Response Rescue Trailer

ORRCA Emergency Response Rescue Trailer

ORRCA is incredibly grateful to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife for awarding us the Medium to Large Asset Grant.

This grant has allowed us to create a custom Rescue and Response Trailer.

The ORRCA Rescue Trailer will be utilised as a centralised triage hub for any marine mammal and marine animal event. Rehabilitation of marine mammals can be a very long and challenging process where volunteers can spend hours and sometimes days in the water with an animal/s. With multiple animals, it can be many days of rehabilitation.

The rescue trailer will be a one stop ‘ORRCA rescue hub’ for all rescue equipment and personal protective equipment needs when it comes to the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals. It will also provide additional storage for volunteer and partner organisation member’s PPE, a power source for extended incidents, shade/shelter against the elements, and signage to clearly show who we are. The custom rescue trailer will house all the necessary and unique ORRCA rescue and rehabilitation equipment our members need.

Our current rescue kits are limited to single stranding incidents due to members ability to fit multiple large mats in their personal vehicles. Having the capacity to store and transport a larger number of whale mats, dolphin slings, and various other vital rescue and rehabilitation equipment will greatly improve our response time but also ORRCAs capacity to help more animals at a time.

Heather McCann
Wildlife Group