Miss Piggy a Drought Koala

Miss Piggy a Drought Koala

Miss Piggy was rescued on the 22nd December, 2019.

She was found unconscious on the side of the highway 25 kilometres from Coonabarabran. The call came to WIRES at 8.50 pm. Miss Piggy was rescued by General Licence holder Sue Brookhouse.

Miss Piggy an adult female was emaciated and dehydrated. She weighed 5 kg. Sue started hydrating her and provided leaves. Miss Piggy immediately started to eat voraciously, hence the name. Sue transported her to Dubbo Western Plains Zoo for veterinary treatment. She was assessed, given IV fluids and and tested for chlamydia. Miss Piggy gave birth to a joey while under sedation unfortunately her body condition was so poor she could not sustain the joey.

Miss Piggy is well named and with hydration and food she rapidly gained weight. Unfortunately she tested positive for chlamydia which required treatment. She was nearly 8 kg when returned to Sue. However, with western NSW suffering from devastating drought and eucalypt trees dying it was almost impossible to be able to find leaf to feed Miss Piggy.

This meant Miss Piggy needed to be transported to the coast for her chlamydia treatment and to build body condition.  Sue drove Miss Piggy to Port Macquarie where she met carers from Clarence Valley WIRES. Miss Piggy was then transported to a Grafton WIRES facility.

After 11 weeks in Clarence  Valley Miss Piggy was given a clean bill of health and was driven back to Coonabarabran on the 3rd of April, 2020.

Miss Piggy traveled many kilometres, was cooperatively cared for by a carer in Coonabarabran, Western Plains Zoo, Clarence Valley WIRES and Keen Street Veterinary Surgery in Lismore.

Miss Piggy pretty much mugged you as soon as you took leaf into the enclosure. She was so ill when rescued but she is a really determined tough little  koala.

After 5 months in care, now negative for chlamydia and rain had come to western NSW a healthy Miss Piggy was released by Sue Brookhouse into good habitat.

A team effort!

Vickii Lett
Wildlife Group
Clarence Valley WIRES