Midwest Marsupial Carers Inc

Midwest Marsupial Carers Inc

Our releases went so well again, it is such a great feeling seeing the kangaroos back where they belong. Giving them that second chance to do what they are meant to do, be free and have babies of their own.

We have a three hour drive to our release sites under the care of our amazing vet who travels with us and oversees the sedation of the animals.  Without a vet, releases would not be possible for us. We are a Geraldton based group a four and a half hour drive north of Perth,. We take joeys from so many places in the Midwest of Western Australia.  They are mainly Red Kangaroos so we have to travel to be able to release them in a safe location with permanent water. In the Midwest where we are located it is extremely difficult to find safe release sites for the reds.

On our last release we were amazed to see two big reds come out of nowhere.  They stopped suddenly near a Wallaroo that we had just let out of pen.  It was like they said to her – hey come with us! and off she went with them.  Not sure who got the biggest shock when they appeared, them or us.

Being a wildlife carer is very rewarding but also comes with its fair share of heart ache and sadness. The ignorance, neglect and abuse of some joeys, is beyond comprehension. Even with the best care sometimes it is too late to save them, but always try our best.

Thank you for making Wildlife Grants available, the money is very much appreciated and I feel it is also great recognition of the wonderful work of all wildlife carers.Roooooo.jpgRoos.jpgJoeys.jpg

Denise Gannaway
Wildlife Group
Midwest Marsuplial Carers Inc