Injured Wildlife

If you find an animal that needs help, call a wildlife carer immediately and follow their advice.

Nearby Wildlife Carers

For Contact Information and Emergency Funds. Click on your state to find the phone number of your nearest wildlife carer. Most have 24-hour hotlines so they are always available. Please don’t send a wildlife carer an email, as every minute counts when you’re trying to save an injured animal. You wouldn’t email 000, would you?

Got A Snake?

If you or anyone else has been bitten, or suspected of being bitten, please call 000 or 112 from a mobile. Remain calm and follow the directions of the operator.

Otherwise, visit Snake Catchers to find your nearest snake catcher.

Native Animal Rescue App

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the New South Wales Wildlife Council (NWC) have upgraded their Wildlife Rescue App which allows easy access to a directory of contact details in search for a licensed rescue and rehabilitation group for your location within NSW.


Additionally, for the first time, it allows the user to report deceased animals, allowing wildlife rehabilitators to accurately monitor the cause of local deaths and identify danger hotspots, allowing for appropriate mitigation measures to be developed with local Councils.


Being a newly launched App, some users may experience some “teething problems” and if so, you are encouraged to advise the details on the feedback section.