Creche and Release Facility for Flying Foxes!

Creche and Release Facility for Flying Foxes!

Wildlife A.R.C’s rescued flying fox pups are off to a great start with the completion of a new purpose build creche and release facility on the NSW Central Coast. The enclosure is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process with most of the bats coming in as injured or orphaned young pups.

After being raised by individual carers, the pups are brought to the creche facility to build up their flying skills and to spend time with other bats where they learn crucial social skills.

When released the bats are support fed to make sure they have time to adjust to life in the nearby flying fox camp.

The facility, funded by the Wildlife Heroes Medium to Large Asset Grant  is a valuable addition to the Wildlife Rehabilitation sector with groups from across the NSW sending their flying foxes to the facility for creching and release.

The Wildlife Heroes Program is managed by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife with funding from the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust. #fnpw #wildlife @fnpwaustralia

Paula Paananen
Wildlife Group
Wildlife A.R.C